2 Guide Dogs Charity Dinner + Auction

2 Guide Dogs Charity Dinner + Auction

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Vila Sol 5 star Golf Resort, Semino, 8125-307, Quarteira, Portugal


02 Dezember, 2017

2 Guide Dogs Charity Dinner + Auction

Welcome to the Charity Dinner and Auction with exclusive high-class art and exceptional offers that can become yours!

Welcome Drink and Exquisite Dinner by the 5-Star Hotel Chef, wine and drinks included in the ticket price! Price per ticket 60€ (any profit will go directly to the project)

Account Banco BPI - Karin Holmström Forster NIB - Número de Identificação Bancária 0010 0000 41399070001 79 IBAN - Número Internacional de Conta Bancária PT50 0010 0000 4139 9070 0017 9 SWIFT/BIC BBPIPTPL

With your support 2 visually impaired young people will have a Guide Dog in November-

Karin a Dog Behaviour Expert have a chance for an apprenticeship in the UK together with 2 chosen Dogs from August. After their training, Karin wants to donate the dogs to 2 Young living in Algarve.

There are multiple aspects to this project: • Raising money to support Karin and the dogs during the three months of training • Matching two visually impaired young people and their families with the two trained dogs • Supporting a two-month transition (hand-over-training) period for both the visually impaired person and their new dog a. Ongoing support to ensure success.

With your contribution, the lives 2 of 1000 visually impaired in Portugal will change! If you really want to make the difference in the life of another person, This is your opportunity!

Why Guide Dogs are so Important When you are young two of the most important things to you are:  Fitting in with your friends  Being independent of your parents. Visually impaired young people, however, are often made to feel different and isolated. Without the independence that comes from mobility, they are in constant need of a helper. Getting together with friends and even going to school requires assistance. They can’t do all of the things that their visually able friends do on their own. Pawsitive Assistance Dogs is about to change this … AND YOU CAN HELP.

About Karin The Algarve’s expert Dog Behaviourist, Karin Holmström Forster, has worked with people and their wellbeing all of her life. Through her love for dogs and an urge to give something back, Karin became an Assistance Dog Trainer and helped form the association Alertalegria – Associação de Cães de Assistência Internacional Association Assistance Dogs International. Karin has the unique opportunity this summer to take 2 dogs to train with Alan Brooks, one of the UK´s most experienced Guide Dog trainers. After the dogs are qualified GUIDE DOGS, Karin’s organisation Pawsitive Dogs Algarve will donate them to two young visually impaired individuals living in Portugal. Currently, guide dogs cost about € 20K each... The challenges for families in Portugal with a disabled member are very high and they have very little support from the government. Medical costs are high. And specialist treatments often mean extensive travel within or even outside of Portugal. This puts an enormous strain on already economically burdened families and their children. Buying a Guide Dog can, therefore, be out of the question

Do your represent a Company? You or your organisation can make the difference in the lives of two impaired children by supporting this charity project. Please help us raise the 40,000 Euros needed to make this program a success.

About Karin Holmström Forster Expert Dog behaviourist, Karin Holmström Forster, has been working with dogs and their humans in Portugal for almost two decades. Originally from Sweden, dog psychologist, Karin, has always had her focus on rehabilitation. She has worked as a nurse and a massage therapist. She has a qualification in Kinesiology and is still involved in running classes as a Pilates instructor. As her focus shifted to the canine community, she studied with some of the luminaries in the field (Karen Pryor in the USA, Fernando Silva in Portugal, Audrey Finns and Gary Landsberg in the USA, Cilla Danielsson in Sweden, Victoria Stillwell in the UK, as well as Grisha Stewart and Ian Dunbar in the USA). All are internationally respected dog behaviourists. Karin is currently finishing a three-term course in Ethology and Dog Behaviour & Cognition at Linkoping University in Sweden. In addition, she educates new instructors both in Sweden and in the Algarve. Her primary Algarve focus is her company, Pawsitive Dogs, through which she trains dogs and their humans and helps address dog behaviour issues. As an expert in the field, Karin is a catalyst for change in dogs’ wellbeing and is a respected speaker at dog training events. Most recently she was a keynote speaker at an animal cruelty prevention seminar run by Safer Communities Portugal. This event led to the creation of an animal welfare umbrella group for shelters and individuals seeking information and assistance with animal welfare issues. As a representative of Assistance Dogs International / Associaçao de Cães de Assisténcia International, Karin is one of only two apprentices chosen this year to work with Alan Brooks, the internationally recognised UK expert in training guide dogs.


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