A Practical Introduction to Mondioring SOLD OUT

A Practical Introduction to Mondioring SOLD OUT

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A Practical Introduction to Mondioring SOLD OUT

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Corley Cricket Club Tamworth Road Corley United Kingdom


08 Januar, 2018

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The School of Canine Science

A Practical Introduction to Mondioring SOLD OUT

Start the new year off with a bite!

The School of Canine Science is proud to present a practical introduction to Mondioring.

Mondioring is an F.C.I authorised dog sport. Whilst around since the late 1980’s, Mondio has never before been popularised in the U.K - but we hope to change that!

Like most protection sports, Mondioring has three sections obedience, agility (jumps) and protection. There are three levels with category three being infamous as one of the hardest achievements to accomplish in any dog sport. Trials are themed with themes such as Outa Space, Circus and Farmyard being integrated across the entire competitions.

In this introduction School of Canine Science Decoy, Nake, will present a mix of theory via presentation and demonstration as well as start the dogs on practical bite work elements. Mondio is a true test of dog and handler.

There are 12 handler spaces available and these will be best suited to dogs who are designed for these sorts of sports. Many people have ‘dabbled’ with unqualified bite work instructors and this workshop is perfect for those who are ready to take it up to a more professional level.

For those with dogs less traditionally known for their work in the protection sports, we recommend grabbing a spectator space first to see if you feel your dog will be suitable and most of all, will enjoy partaking in the protection practical offers on this course.

Handler spaces: £65 Spectator places: £45

First Come First Served > Account Number: 21248647 > Sort Code: 09-01-27

> PLEASE USE ; mondio S for spectator and mondio H for handler AS A REFERENCE AND THEN EMAIL nanjopa@outlook.com to confirm your place.

Tea and coffee provided. Please bring a camping chair. Practical will be outside with drinks and snacks (and a place to keep warm) indoors.

About Nake Florin Nake started Science-based dog training in 2008 with general dog obedience & dog behaviour. After discovering Mondioring in late 2012, Nake was an instant addict and started as a decoy in the beginning of 2013.

Nake is a Dog Training Instructor with diplomas achieved back in Romania, diplomas which are recognised by the FCI through the Romanian Dog Training Club (Association) & Romanian Dog Association.

Nake achieved his national certification as a Decoy (Romania) in 2013 and attended multiple internal (national) competitions with National (Willi Landt/Pap Petter) & International Judges (Carlo Opizzi). In 2014 he achieve an International Certification in Belgium at the Mondioring Club HC WETTEREN, in Wetteren with International with Judges (Marc Willems, Freddy Seynave, etc..) Nake completed the stage with 94,3% out of 100% theoretical and practical work, fulfilling all 3 Categories (Mondio 1/2/3) and the physical resistance examinations.

Since certification Nake has attended Mondio Competitions in Belgium, Bulgaria and Romania. The one in Belgium was most notable as Nake was judged by World Champion at Category 3 (Marc Willems) and obtain maximum points( 10 out of 10).

Nake has been in the UK since August 2015 and has been training dogs for Royvon kennels.


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