Awesome beach, kayaking, snorkeling at the Naples of Korea

Awesome beach, kayaking, snorkeling at the Naples of Korea

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Samcheok Ocean Railbike Station, Samcheok City


15 August, 2017

Awesome beach, kayaking, snorkeling at the Naples of Korea

Title: Awesome Beach, Transparent Kayaking, Snorkeling at the Naples of Korea! Hi everyone! The good news is August 15th is a public holiday. Let's have some beach healing time at the Naples of Korea.! Have you been to “the Naples of Korea”? If you haven’t been to the Naples yet, you probably will get an idea of how it looks like when you come to the Naples of Korea. Known as “the Naples of S. Korea”, Jangho Beach is located on the East Coast where we take our Sea Train. You will be surprised when you get there. Jangho Beach on the East Coast is the place that will give you a surprise!

This small paradise is Jangho Beach, located on the shores of Jangho village – a tiny fishing village on the East Sea Coast and this village was Korea’s most beautiful village in 2011. Jangho beach not only provides a very picturesque scenery with its jagged rocks rising out of the clear turquoise waters but it is a great place to experience marine activities. You can enjoy snorkeling and riding transparent kayaks and imagine you can see everything underneath your Kayak. Jangho Beach is a perfect place for a one day escape from the heat and crowd of Seoul city, as diving in the crystal blue waters will certainly feel quite refreshing!

Highlights of the trip – Spending an awesome time on the excellent beach with white sandy beach – Snorkeling and transpareanrt kayaking with crystal blue clear water – If it is your first time to snorkel, you are at the perfect place with the right time. (Snorkeling and kayaking are optional). – Enjoying much needed sunshine on the wonderful beach and various sea creatures undersea- Jangho Beach is one of the safest beaches in South Korea with non-deep water and non-high waves, so it is good for snorkeling and kayaking. – Walking around this very beautiful village and enjoy some seafood. Preparations Swimming suit,water bottles,,toiletry, towels for both shower and beach, sun block cream,sun glasses,money for food and drink,etc Itinerary August 15th( Tuesday) Pick up at 7.00am at exit 3 Outside of Hongik Univ station( Exit 3). You'll need to U turn when coming out from exit 3 and walk about 50 meters. You will see Goh Travel Korea sign on the bus parked on the side of the road. - Pick up at 7.20am-25am at exit 13 Outside of Samgakji Station - 7.40-45am at exit 8 Outside of Express Bus terminal stn * Jukjeon Bus Stop pick up is possible – 8.20-25am at exit 1 Outside of Yeongtong station - 10.50am or so: Arriving at Jangho Beach You can have lunch together with your new travel buddies or on on your own. ( Lunch is not included). Once we arrive at Jangho Beach, you will have your own free time until we meet up for going back to Seoul. – 3.50pm: Meet up – 4.00pm: Depart for Seoul – 7.00pm: Drop off at Yeongtong station – 7.30 pm- 8.00pm: Drop off in Seoul Sign up & Payment To sign up, please click on ' Going ” and once you transfer a fund, please email to with the following information. – Your full name – your pick up point – Trip name – Your contact number – The amount of money you deposited – The name of bank you used – The date you sent the deposit – If you have your friends and deposited for them please mention their names too. Cost: – The basic fee is 37,000 won( 33.00 USD for Paypal payment).The fee is for beach only – 52,000 won ( 47.00 USD for Paypal payment) for either snorkelling for or kayaking – 67.000 won( 60.00 USD for Paypal payment) for both snorkelling and kayaking is our PayPal email address) Bank Information – Name of bank: KB( Kookmin Bank) – Account no. : 469901- 04- 262190 – Name of bank account holder: Goh, Jonghwan( Goh Travel Korea) – Bank code : 04 Please transfer the fee from your Korean bank account via internet banking or an ATM. Also, you can go into any bank in Korea to pay your trip fee by bank transfer even though you don’t have a Korean bank account. If you need to pay via Paypal, is our email address for Paypal payment. You will receive a confirmation email from us. Please save or print the confirmation email or bring your ATM receipt with you. Also save our phone number: 010- 6737- 1637 as it will be useful if you are running later or have problems finding the meeting point.

Group discount In case you sign up with more than 3 friends, then all of you will receive a discount on the trip as below; – 3 people: you get 2,000 won off from your trip fee – 4-7 people: you get 3,000 won off from your trip fee – 8-10: you get 4,000 won off from your trip fee – And more than 10 people, you will get 5,000 won off from your trip fee NOTE: If you deposit money for a group, you will need to provide all the names of your group for room arrangement. NOTE: In order to be eligible for discount, all of you in a group should have to sign up and pay at the same time. Please e-mail at for information. Special discount for frequent travelers with Goh Travel Korea If you have joined one of our trips and want to join again, you will get a discount on your next trip. It is true that the more trips you make with us, the more discount you will get. See how it works with the discount plan; – You pay full price with your first trip. – 2,000 won less with you second trip – 3,000 won less with your third trip – 4,000 won less with your fourth trip – 5,000 won less with your fifth trip onward To apply, please email us with the list of trips you have attended so far

Note:Please be advised that we do our best to keep the itinerary as scheduled. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the itinerary may be subject to change. Also, please make sure that you get to the meeting point on time or earlier as we will have to leave on time. We can only wait 5 minutes. If you are late and missed the chartered bus then you should either need to find your own way of getting to the next destination we are supposed to arrive at or you will be regarded as a no-show. In the case of a no-show, you won’t get a refund. Disclaimer of Liability We cannot be held responsible for your health, safety, any injuries, illness, belongings and/or losses incurred as a result of your participation in these events.

Cancellation policy The cancellation policy is as follows: 5 days or more before departure = 100 % 3 – 4 days before departure = 50 % 2 days or less before departure = 0 %


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