De-stress and Balance - Yoga, Mazdaznan & Aromatherapy Workshop

De-stress and Balance - Yoga, Mazdaznan & Aromatherapy Workshop

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Beethovenweg 1, 82538 Geretsried, Deutschland


25 November, 2017

De-stress and Balance - Yoga, Mazdaznan & Aromatherapy Workshop

Give yourself the gift of health & well-being by calming down your mind and restoring your body with Yoga, mazdaznan and aromatherapy. This workshop will offer you healing techniques from two ancient hoslistic healing practices: Yoga and Mazdaznan along with the healing effects of Essential oils. This workshop will help you to effctively reduce your stress levels and feel balanced in your body and mind.

Both Yoga and Mazdaznan have the same goal of healing and self-realisation. Yoga, meaning "union", origininated in India and Mazdaznan meaning "master your thought", originated in Iran. Both pratices consider breath as sacred, the body as a temple and aim at calming the mind. When combined with pure essential oils the practices become even more potent and deeply calming.

Teachers: Namrata Gauri Yoga, Hatha and Restorative Yoga Teacher from India, founder of Viśokā Yoga Christa Opitz - Böhm, Naturopath, Eye Therapist, Aromatherapist and Mazdaznan Teacher from Germany

The instructions will be in English and German. Beginners are welcome. Please come in warm comfortable clothing and bring a blanket along. At the end of the workshop we will be offering healthy German and Indian treats for you.

Early Bird Price until 15th November: 90 € Thereafter: 100 €

For registrations and queries please email us on: or blickpunkt-

We really look forward to de-stressing with you!

With love, Namrata & Christa

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