Detection Trainers Course (4 weeks)

Detection Trainers Course (4 weeks)

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Detection Trainers Course (4 weeks)

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Logan Haus Kennels, 514 Rolling Hills Farm Rd, 24901, Lewisburg, United States


14 Mai, 2018

Detection Trainers Course (4 weeks)


May 14 – June 8, 2018

Due to overwhelming interest and requests during our classes and on social media, we have decided to put together a comprehensive 4-week detection course that will allow students to bring their own dog. We suggest students bring their own dogs, however, handlers without a dog are welcome to come as well. Students without a dog or whose dog does not meet the minimum standard for working will be assigned a dog out of our kennel to use for the class. We cannot stress enough the importance of bringing the right dog to this class. (All students wishing to bring their own dog must read the document on our canine selection criteria linked here)

This class will teach handlers how to imprint a dog from the very beginning stages of detection work and take the dog through certification-ready proficiency on heroin. Students will also learn how to add additional odors to their dogs upon completion of the course. In addition to the adult dog, each student will be assigned a young puppy to learn our puppy imprinting system. They will teach the puppy to recognize one target odor, ignore many distractor odors such as food and toys, and perform a consistent search pattern. Students will also each be assigned a chicken to improve their timing and mechanical skills. Students will work on shaping chickens in color and shape discrimination. Chickens make excellent training models for shaping behaviors due to their speed and the fact that they cannot be trained with force or aversive methods. The concept of color and shape discrimination with a chicken is very much the same as the concept of odor detection with a dog.

I will teach training weeks 1, 2, and 4 with the assistance of the LHK staff. Don Blair will come in to instruct week 3 with my assistance. In my opinion, Don Blair is the most knowledgeable detector dog trainer in the USA with more skill and experience on the subject than anyone I know. Don has been my mentor in detection dog training for the last 12 years. For more information on Don, please visit

This class will include 3 lectures and 160 hours of fieldwork applying the concepts of odor detection under my direct instruction. Tuition for this course is $4000 plus tax, with a $500 deposit required to hold your spot. Class size is limited to 10 students. Payment must be made in full by May 1, 2018. You may pay using PayPal or Credit Card through the PayPal link below. Enrollment is not complete until both the enrollment form and deposit payment have been submitted. Payments are non-refundable; if you cannot make it to the class you have paid for, please contact us and we can apply your payment to another class of your choice. Class fees include all necessary course materials; housing and food is NOT included, but we will assist in finding the most affordable housing arrangements in the area. For those students bringing their own dog, you may board your dog with us for a discounted rate of $12 per day. Please let us know in the comments section below if you will be boarding a dog with us. Class will be Monday-Friday, from 9AM-5PM, with additional training possibilities on some weekends. Certificates will be awarded upon completion of the course.

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