Fitness and The Canine Athlete

Fitness and The Canine Athlete

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Fitness and The Canine Athlete

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Our Gang Pet Services, LLC, 688 Westwood Avenue, 07675, River Vale, United States


08 Oktober, 2017

Fitness and The Canine Athlete

Dr. Robert Gillette will be presenting to sport dog owners about how to keep your canine athlete fit, healthy, and active! Whether you're just beginning in dog sports, or a seasoned competitor, this seminar will have great information for you. This seminar wil lbe a combination of lecture/presentation, discussion, and practice. Dr. Gillette and I will lead a hands-on workout session with your dogs in the latter half of this seminar.

What types of warm up and cool down activities should you be doing with your dog? What are appropriate stretching activities? How can you keep your dog conditioned for the specific types of tasks you are asking him/her to do in sports? How can you avoid injuries? How do performance problems indicate possible structural problems or injuries? These and more questions will be answered in the presentation. Dr. Gillette will discuss these topics and also have time for your questions. This workshop is appropriate for students who have an interest in, or compete in, rally, agility, obedience, lure coursing, conformation, disc dog, etc.

This seminar is for owners AND dogs. Fee for this 2.5 hr workshop is $125 for a working spot with your dog. Limit is 15 working dog spots. If you wish to audit this workshop without your dog, the cost is $80. Crating space available in the building, or you can work your dog from the car, weather permitting.


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