Fitness Trek to Prabalgad

Fitness Trek to Prabalgad

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Prabalgad, 400053, Khalapur, India


06 August, 2017

Fitness Trek to Prabalgad

Fitness what? We’re happy to share & introducing a unique concept for a healthy lifestyle called “fitness trekking”! Spend your Sundays not running on a stationary tredmill in a boring gym or binge eating while lying around like a couch potato. Instead, join us for Medium level monsoon treks in the backdrop of picturesque locations of cloud covered mountains! Each trek is bound to burn 1000+ calories! Prabalgad, also known as, Muranjan, was originally going to be converted into a hill station. But due to lack of water, the British shifted their plan to Matheran. From the base village, the view is serene, the meadows look attractive and the sudden drop of the valley with it’s distinctive “V” shape surprises one with its splendid views. Climb upwards, going through the semi - steep crust where streams run parallel. Walk through the dense forests under heavy rains, and then in the end the whole place open up to the spectacular views of the twin fort, a geological wonder called Kalvantin Durg. Shout out to the fellow trekkers standing on the other side or simply sit and bask in the glory of a Sunday well spent. Charges: Rs. 1500/- per person

Date – 6th August 2017

Meeting place – Ticket counter, Panvel Railay station

Time – 7:00 AM

Difficulty – Medium (check below for understanding difficulty level)

Includes: Breakfast, lunch (Veg), Non AC Transport from Panvel Railway station to the base village (and back), and expertise charges.

Excluded: Anything not mentioned above

Contact: Carvan Trips –8976949403, 9920555809


07:00 AM – Reach & Meetup at Panvel railway station ticket counter 08:00 AM – Reach at the base village (rest & briefing) 08:15 AM – Start trekking towards Prabalmachi 09:45 AM – Reach at Prabalmachi and enjoy the views 10:00 AM – Start trekking towards Prabalgad 12:00 PM – Reach Prabalgad 01:00 PM – Start Descending 02:00 PM – Reach at Prabalmachi calculate calories burnt and have lunch 03:00 PM – Start descending 04:30 PM – Reach at the base and head back with new friends and memories 05:30 PM – Arrive at Panvel railway station and depart for home

Things to wear: • Full/ Half sleeve T-shirt with stretchable Gym Pants/ Yoga/ Track pants/ Shorts. Please DO NOT WEAR Denims or formals. • Good Quality Trekking/ Hiking shoes Compulsory (Floaters and Sandals are not allowed) or a comfortable pair of sport shoes with a good grip. Please don’t wear formal/ casual/ leather shoes & please ensure the shoes are of good quality & not old as to avoid wear & tear especially of the shoe sole. • Wind cheater/ Water proof Jacket

Things to be carried by you:

1. Water (2 Litres) Compulsory 2. Food (Dry Snacks, Biscuits, Theplas, Parathas), Plum cakes, Fruits (Banana) for the Summit 3. Personal First Aid Kit 4. Cap, goggles, sunscreen etc. 5. Electral powder / Glucon D / Tang 6. A backpack to carry everything (No handbags or jholas) 7. Personal Sanitary Kit 8. Extra Pair of Clothes and socks 9. A light pair of slippers in the bag (for post trek).

Note: • Please refrain from consuming Alcohol or any intoxicant uptill 24 hours before the trek as it may cause severe dehydration, nausea, vomitting and risk to life. • Avoid carrying heavy weight backpack for this trek. Keep everything covered in a plastic bag as there are high chances of raining. • The food provided would be simple village food

*Can I do this trek? Yes, you are fit for the trek if you: • Can jog non-stop for 2 kms, or • Can walk for 5 kms without feeling tired & breathless, or • Do some physical activity on a regular basis (Cycling, Swimming, Gym etc) • Have done a simple trek before of atleast 2 hours • Have not consumed alcohol in the past 24 hours • Have no medical condition which causes discomfort during any physical activity

Calculated Calorie Burn: We will be carrying along a GPS based (non cellular) device to measure our ascend, descend and total disctance covered. This device will be worn by one person along with a HR monitor, which will help us calculate the average calories burnt by that person. The exact calorie burn count would vary upon the physical attributes of each person.

Terms and Conditions of Service (TACS)

• You (“The user”) understands that there are inherent risks of the services which may or may not be directly provided by Carvan Trips (“Us”/ “The Company”) in which the user may engage. • The user confirms that they are physically and mentally capable of availing the service. • The users’ participation is voluntary and the user shall under no circumstance hold Carvan Trips responsible for any injury, accidents, illness and damage to or loss of personal property as the result of any incident or accident that may occur during the period of service. • The conduct and behavior of the user should not cause distress or harm to anyone including other user members, Carvan Trips’ staff, service providers etc; in which case we/ service providers reserve the right to ask you to immediately leave, or in certain circumstances, hand you over to the appropriate authorities, in which case the financial liability would be of the user. • If for any reason the user wishes to abruptly end the trip before its scheduled completion, or is unable to participate due to being unfit, we will not be able to provide any return support or any refund, and the financial liability for making any alternate arrangements would be of the user. • The user is responsible to follow the instructions of the leader/ service provider and the user has to bear all the expenses which may arise in case for medical exigency or any emergency condition. • Cuts, bruises and minor injuries are normal for an adventure activity. First aid kit is provided and the coordinators are trained to respond in such situations. Carvan trips takes all the reasonable steps to provide basic safety required for the particular activity. • During the trip, the trip leader’s decision will be final decision, whatsoever. • Carvan trips hold the rights to change the itinerary or even cancel the activity in case of any unexpected change in weather or other unpredicted situations occur that are beyond our control. Carvan trips will not be liable for any costs such as travel or accommodation incurred by the participant in such circumstances. • All activities are described as accurately as possible, however, the exact arrangements may differ slightly on any given day. • Photographs are used for representation purpose and should be taken as a guide only. • It is mandatory to disclose any personal medical conditions so that prior arrangements can be made. Carvan trips do not hold any responsibility for the outcome of any undisclosed medical condition during the trip. • Smoking and drinking is strictly prohibited during the nature treks. • If participants are found violating the rules, Carvan trips reserve all the rights to remove the participant from the group. In such situation, no refund shall be provided. • Due to certain unforeseen & uncontrollable circumstances, the participants can sometimes expect a delay in scheldue. We request to add buffer time of about 1-2 hours after the trip and make post trip bookings accordingly. • For a detailed cancellation policy, please visit our website -


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