Freshwater Scuba Diving and Kayaking!

Freshwater Scuba Diving and Kayaking!

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Freshwater Scuba Diving and Kayaking!

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29 Juli, 2017

Freshwater Scuba Diving and Kayaking!

"From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is bolted to earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free!"

Stressed out from a tiring week? Want a getaway from the honkings and reminders of the busy city life! Here is your chance to explore and embrace a whole new world under water, where silence is the way of life! The only place where you are conscious of your every single breath.

How will I do that? Get ready to cut short your bucket list this monsoon. Join us for the fresh water scuba diving fest starting this July right here in Kochi!

Where again? Imagine an area half the size of Lulu mall which is filled with fresh water till a depth of 120 ft. A water body with extensive underwater visibility, volumes of marine life and the rugged surroundings. This freshwater hub awaits you at the outskirts of Kochi at Thiruvankulam.

What is so special about this? -Fear of water is not a hinderance.Even non swimmers can experience this. -The only place in South India where freshwater scuba diving is done. -You are just 45 mins away from this experience (17 kms from Kochi). -You will be trained and accompanied by PADI certified Russian Instructors. -All equipments and attire will be provided by us. -The underwater experience can be captured with the help of special cameras. -If you are interested you could even opt for PADI certified diving course with us.

Cost: Rs.2600 per person Duration: 45 mins Book your slots:

What will I do there? -On reaching the venue, you will be given basic lessons for divers which includes working and handling of the diving equipments, breathing techniques and underwater sign communications. -After this you will be introduced under water in pairs. Fully equipped and accompanied by the instructor you will be lowered to the depths. -Making sure of your safety and comfort, you will be stabilized in a particular depth (usually 10 m) using specialized suits . After which you will be allowed to explore this world underwater.

Special Add Ons -If the water level is safe,you can try cliff diving from a height of 15 ft. -Snorkeling and kayaking can be done if the time and situations permits.

Preparations -Wear comfortable clothing, preferably shorts. -Carry an extra pair of dress. -Make up your mind to embrace the fear of depths and get immersed in its silence.

Inclusions -Activity Cost -Local authority permissions -Instructor fees -Diving kits and equipments

Exclusions -Transportation -Food expenses -All expenses incurred due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances. -Any kind of cost which is not mentioned in the "Inclusions" column above.


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