Hike to the Snežka – the highest summit of Czechia

Hike to the Snežka – the highest summit of Czechia

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Krkonoše, Bedřichov, Karpacz, Poland


19 August, 2017

Hike to the Snežka – the highest summit of Czechia

The highest mountain in Czechia!

Once you reach the top, you have a good feeling not only thanks to the beautiful view, but you will be also proud of yourself because you made it on your own.

It is absolutely outstanding mountain with an amazing view which shares a Polish and Czech border. Sněžka's is formed of hornfels, which is extremely resistant to erosion.

Our start is in Špindlerův Mlýn. We will hike up to the Snezka. In total it is around 20 km, 7-8 hours of walking. Some parts of path can be steep and you and your knees must be ready for it!

If you are too tired after reaching the summit, it is possible to go down by cable car 180czk/person and can wait for the rest of the group down while drinking some beer or tea.

Amount of days: 1 Distance: around 20km Duration of walking: 7- 8 hours Difficulty: intermediate hiking Meeting point: Prague, main railway station - Wilsonova 8

Number of people limited: 13 people only

Registration please here: http://www.aventouro.eu/hike-to-the-snezka/


INCLUDED: transport and guide EXCLUDES: food, drinks


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