Karlštejn castle and Little America

Karlštejn castle and Little America

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Karlštejn, 539 42 Svratouch, Česká Republika


12 August, 2017

Karlštejn castle and Little America

Travel from Prague by train with our guide and enjoy the beautiful scenery en route to Karlštejn town - we will walk 1,5km - the perfect time for taking pictures.

Along the way, a guide will tell you the history of the Gothic castle that Charles IV built. Explore historic Karlštejn Castle - discover where Charles IV kept the Czech crown jewels. Take pictures and get stunning views of the countryside and we will continue exploring and hiking. The next stop Little America.

We are walking towards an open pit limestone quarry, called Little America. They're filled up with water and have become a popular place for Czechs to go swimming. The pit is connected to an extensive system of shafts and galleries, waiting to your exploration.

After the visit of the canyon Little Amerika, we are going to hike and see waterfalls and continue until the village Sv. Jana pod Skalou (Saint John under the cliff) where we are going to see the cave and Benedictine monastery that served as a labor camp, a prison, and a school for the secret police during the Communist regime.

Duration of hiking: 6-7 hours Meeting point: Prague, main railway station - Wilsonova 8 Transportation: by train

What's Included: Transportation Professional and friendly guide International and pleasant atmosphere

What's Not Included: Lunch

Meeting Point: Prague Main Railway Station, Wilsonova 8.

PRICE: 470kč/19EUR

Registration here: http://www.aventouro.eu/hiking-trip-and-visit-of-karlstejn-castle/


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