Microsoft Word 2016 – Level 2 (Advanced)

Microsoft Word 2016 – Level 2 (Advanced)

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Microsoft Word 2016 – Level 2 (Advanced)

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The British School in The Netherlands - Campus TBC, 640 Vrouw Avenweg, 2493 WZ, Den Haag, Netherland


15 Januar, 2019

Microsoft Word 2016 – Level 2 (Advanced)

Microsoft Word 2016 – Level 2 (Advanced) If you already have mastered the basic skills of Microsoft Word, you are ready to move up one step. In this course, delivered by leading experts from Westhaghe Training & Advies, you will explore deeper into the world of Word. Students learn working with text in a different way, use and change images and work with references within Word.

Who can apply? Prerequisites for this course are knowledge of Word to the extent of the Level 1 course.

What’s involved? With a group of no more than ten participants, you will explore Word focussing specifically on the areas below:

Working with tables

Inserting and modify Tables Sorting Tables Numbering Tables Calculations in a Table Formatting Tables

Styles and themes

Creating and modifying a Character style Creating and modifying a Paragraph style Creating and modifying a Table style Applying Themes Modifying Themes

Graphical elements

Text Boxes Shapes WordArt Complex illustrations with SmartArt Charts Screenshots Modify the size of a picture Text around a picture Compress Pictures

Quick Parts

Insert Building Blocks Create Building Blocks Modify Building Blocks Word Fields

Sections and columns

What are sections Insert Section Breaks Set column settings Linking Textboxes


Hyperlinks Bookmarks Caption to tables or pictures (figures) Cross references Footnotes and Endnotes Table of Contents List of tables or figures Index


Create a standard letter Merge with records from Excel Filter records of the data file Using Word fields

Programme Dates Tuesday 15th January 2019

Programme Cost €195 Euros

Programme Facilitator Westhaghe Training & Advies

Cancellation Cancellation can be made up to six weeks before the first day of delivery by contacting us directly at . Any participant cancellation after this time is non-refundable


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