Öresund SUP Challenge 2017

Öresund SUP Challenge 2017

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Öresund SUP Challenge 2017

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Utsiktsplatsen Øresundsbron Utsiktsvägen 10 Limhamn Sweden


28 Oktober, 2017

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Nordic SUP Adventure

Öresund SUP Challenge 2017

Don´t miss the toughest race across Öresund, ÖRESUND SUP CHALLENGE. This will be the third edition of the race.

Depending on weather conditions the race runs from Denmark to Sweden or vice versa. The course mainly follows the bridge that combines the two countries from Kastrup in Denmark to Limhamn in Sweden. The course length is approximately 25 km and is the longest race on international water between two different countries.

There is a limited number of slots in this race. Maximum number of contestants is set to 24 persons. There is only one class but for those who compete in Långloppsserien (S) ranking will be count for mens and womens division. There is no minimum age limit but contestants under 18 years must apply for entry separately. Contestants who have finished last years edition of this contest or either Strokes (Denmark), last years ÖSC or Seamasters (Sweden) are prequalified to entry this event. Board class up to 14'.

Participants will be rewarded with team points based on their result. The winning nation will be announced as the Ruler of Öresund!

Transportation from finish to start both before and after race allowing participants to leave their own car in either Sweden or Denmark will be arranged by the organizers.

Race start is set to 10.00 but might be changed due to weather. Riders meeting will be held on startsite one hour prior to start. Race course will be decided 24 hours prior to racestart (Friday)

Mandatory personal equipment:

PFD (worn on body or on the board) Leash Hydration Wetsuit suitable for current weather conditions. It might be COLD, very cold! Fully charged cellphone in waterproof bag. GPS which must be used during contest.

Entrance fee 500 SEK. To apply for entry send an e-mail to malmosupklubb@gmail.com with following information:

Full name: Age: Nationality: Home city: Cellphone number: Board: Entered contests (ÖSC, Strokes or Seamaster): Sponsors:

Once we have received your email we'll send you a email with payment instructions. Prequalified riders must claim their slot in the event and fully pay entry fee no later than September 15.

ÖRESUND SUP CHALLENGE is arranged by Malmö SUP Klubb , Nordic SUP Adventure and Mo'ana Malmö - Stand Up Paddle in cooperation with Malmö Stad and Surfers Paradise

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