Patrick Beach comes to Zürich

Patrick Beach comes to Zürich

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YogaCulture, Tramstrasse 2, Zürich, Switzerland


06 April, 2018

Patrick Beach comes to Zürich


Join us at YogaCulture to take part in Patrick’s first, ever weekend workshop in Switzerland!

FRIDAY, April 6, 2018 Get Hip to Handstands Time: 6:00pm – 8:30pm Break down handstand from the ground up, focusing on alignment and full-body activation. Great for beginners and more advanced practitioners looking to strengthen the foundations of their handstand practice. Get ready to take flight as we build the strength, knowledge and confidence to take your practice in a new direction!

SATURDAY, April 7, 2018 Core Control Time : 11:00am – 1:00pm Learn to glide through your practice with lightness as we break down how to activate the midline of your body in the full breadth of asana. Using efficient alignment principles and newly found core awareness we will play with a variety of arm balances and handstands. All levels are welcome to this fun exploration of the practice. Join in as we ignite a fire in your core, allowing you to take the reigns and move your practice anywhere!

Backbending with Ease Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm Together we will focus on a number of heart opening postures and take them to unexpected places of movement and freedom in our bodies. So often we find ourselves caught up on just one path or swirling the same old circles, with the same old narratives. Use this expansive, expectation-shattering practice to break out of old habits and start moving in new directions! Learn to safely move your spine through its full range of motion with grace and ease. Expect to leave class with a new sense of space and a lighthearted mindset.

SUNDAY, April 8, 2018 Awakening Yoga Time: 11:00am – 1:00pm This intuitive flowing practice asks for your full attention through both challenging movement and complete stillness. Shift within the balance of organic freedom and structure as we explore new ways to create harmony in the yoga practice. This full class experience will move you through a variety of different deeply integrated postures with grace, breath, and purpose. Experience inner stillness with the aide of expansive pranayama throughout and restful meditation to conclude this unified practice.

A Sense of Calm Time: 3.00pm – 5:00pm Creating a balance of effort and ease is crucial to a well-rounded yoga practice. This full body restorative Yin style practice will release the hard work and surrender you into a blissful resting state. Unlocking the deep tension stored in our backs, shoulders, hips and legs allows us to move through life free and calm finding both sukha and sthira, the balance of steadiness and ease.

Price : Friday only 112.- Saturday only 180.- Sunday only 180.-

Special price of 425.- for all workshops


Please pay the amount within 14 days, only then your registration is valid. Note: Patrick Beach + the day you join (Fr, Sa, So)

YogaCulture AG Tramstrasse 2, 8050 Zürich IBAN: CH53 0483 5162 1524 5100 0 / Credit Suisse AG, 8070 Zürich

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