Peaceful Meditative Night Hiking In Ansan 야간산행, 안산

Peaceful Meditative Night Hiking In Ansan 야간산행, 안산

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이대역 앞, Seoul, South Korea


27 Juli, 2017

Peaceful Meditative Night Hiking In Ansan 야간산행, 안산

Hi~! all!

In seoul, coolest hike you can do is night hike in Ansan~!~ We will have time to hike An-San(안산) and it will be meditative healing hike! We walk through the Ewha University where we can find big tree to hug , we can find best view point to be surrounded with the combinations of classical old buildings with modern architectures

We pass through the univ from the main gate to rear gate to close to mountain. We will walk quiet road to the temple which has a old Hanok neighborhood.

Then, the giant temple with 500 year old trees, ponds, springs where we can get spring water, and hear the sounds of monk chanting or the bells making sounds by the wind.

We walk through the temple to the hiking trails which is mostly soft soils and we walk through the forest that we can be surrounded by trees and can try to walk on bare feet. There are outdoor gyms,we can try stretching and hanging on the bars.

After walking mindfully through the forest, we can sit for short to enjoy the silence and the shapes of trees peacefully! We sometimes try to have a stretching and breathing sesssion.

We sometimes try no-talk meditation walking time.

Then, we find a path to lead us to the peak as we can command great view of cities.

The trails are mostly soil and steps and need to hike up vigorously enough us to warm and sweat.

Finally , on top , there is a smoke signal chimney and has a view to Namsan, Seoul Fortress, Seoul station, Han river , Bukhansan national park.

On the top, some parts are steep rocks that we can enjoy some walking on the rocks with the help of ropes and poles. It's always with fresh air blowing on the top to cool off the body and makes us to feel some achievement!

We are heading down to Yonsei Univ and finish at Sinchon subway station.line2 most of time. however, sometimes to Ewha Univ.depending on conditions.

Hope see you then

Spread the word~


Total walking distance would be 4~6km/1Hour 40 minutes ~ 2H20minutes. It depends on weather and condition, we decide trails on the day

♣ Even we never have canceled a hiking in rainy,windy,snowy or cloudy day as we are grateful of weather and great way to enjoy it as it is! Just prepare an umbrella or extra layer.we can change trail good for weather

♣ if you have not hiked before in Seoul and those who have - fear of cold - fear of height - fear of walking - fear of night Strongly recommanded as you will have chance to overcome! Even we never have canceled a hiking in rainy day because we enjoy the weather as it is! Just prepare an umbrella and we pick up a trail for weather

♣ If you have too much things going on your work and need - to get rid of stress - to see some stunning view - to get healing experience - to forget too much obsession or trauma from media This hiking is seriously will make you relieved and make you be in a moment of being happiness!

♣ meeting at 730PM : Exit 1,Ehwa Women's University Station (이대) Line 2,green line. ♣ Finishes at 9:30~10PM ♣ Please prepare comfortable shoes, extra layer of clothes to wear on top to enjoy view! When you go to work ,take a sack with shoes and cloths to change. as soon as you finish work, join the hiking! :) 출근할때 신발과 갈아입을 옷을 색에 넣어가지고 가서, 일을 끝나고 갈아입은후(또는 도착해서 지하철 화장실) 바로 회현역으로 오세요

♣ Instruction will be provided how to pace how to hike how to enjoy hiking how to be good at night photography for anyone needs We don't use flashlight to hike, we just get used to the city light reflected by cloud and it's bright enough to walk.

♣ No chance of cancelation due to weather even rain or snow. As we are grateful of weather and great way to enjoy it as it is! If it's too heavy rain, we can do urban hike to find best local restaurant to have some meal with drinks! ----------------------- [♣ HOW TO JOIN]

1)SERIOUSLY! NO RSVPed may not be allowed to join~! * NOTE: If you want to bring a friend, please let him/her JOIN AND READ this event page and RSVP.So not to make them strangers on this event! 친구를 데려올때는 친구도 똑같이 가입하고 RSVP 예스 후에 올 수 있습니다. 2) Fee 5,000won for anyone - anyone who join future weekend trip which needs to charter a bus , book accomodation, this 5000won can be used as a trip voucher. - this 5000won also can be transferable to your friends.(give it as a gift) please prepare 5,000won in cash only on the day! Thank you so much! CHECK OUT ALL THE UPCOMING TRIPS AND EVENTS! -----------------------


♣"Seoul Hiking Night" Group Event Organiser Recruit : Anyone wants to organise night hiking close mountain to their area,please let me know so that I can give administration and can share some information! 집 근처에서 이벤트를 진행하고 싶으면 언제든지 신청해주세요. 필요한 정보와 이벤트 진행 방법을 알려드립니다.


[♣ Small Events ] 이벤트 내에 작은 이벤트

♣ Book Exchange : books about nature,bring your book just finished or all time favorite and exchange at least I will bring one, so please bring yours! 책을 나누기

♣ Poem Reading : pick up a poem from book for this beautiful fall season and read out together 시를 읽기

----------------------- [♣ More EXERCISE] 운동효과 증가시키기

If you want to get more exercise from walking, you can wear WEIGHTS on your ANKLE, WRISTS, or BACK. It is a good idea to wear around 0.5kg ~ 1kg in the beginning and work your way up. You

can also bring a BACK PACK and use it as a BACK WEIGHT. Load it up with heavy books, a laptop, a tripod or walking snacks for everyone~!

[♣ OUTDOOR GYMS] 야외체육시설

Most of the places we go hiking have wonderful outdoor gyms. We can try PULL-UPs, PUSH-UPs,SIT-UPs, etc.Let's do it!

[♣ Taking good pictures at night] 멋진 야경 찍기 알려드릴께요!

- if you are interested in taking some good pictures and especially night shots, it will be a good chance! - You would better bring a SLR camera to adjust the shutter speed and aperture. So you can find proper setting. You don't have be a professional but need some passion for this! - bring a tripod for can take adventage of some obstacles instead - As we will find a best place and will be taking break,you can enjoy taking pictures of view and some objects you want to take constantly


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