Polish up your primary series Vol. 1

Polish up your primary series Vol. 1

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Polish up your primary series Vol. 1

Unterkategorie - Rund um Sport


Asta Caplan - Ashtanga Yoga, Amiraplatz 3, 80333, Munich, Germany


10 Dezember, 2017

Polish up your primary series Vol. 1

Polish up your primary Vol. 1 Workshop 10.12.2017

This workshop is suitable for anyone who’s been practicing Ashtanga yoga regularly for some time, up to intermediate (2nd series) and even advanced students. In this first workshop of this kind one should know and remember the sequence of the Ashtanga yoga primary series at least up to suptakurmasana.

The purpose of this (series of) workshop(s) is to to go through the foundations of the Ashtanga practice from the point to view of a student who has already reached a level of steady practice and basic competence of the primary series asanas. In this class we look at the poses and see what more is to be found in them: Combining strength and flexibility in a sustainable way that will give the practitioner tools to move on to the more advanced postures.

The participants are encouraged to bring any questions they may have into this class!


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