Savvy Conversations® Masterclass - November 2018

Savvy Conversations® Masterclass - November 2018

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Savvy Conversations® Masterclass - November 2018

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Edes House, 27 West Street, PO19, Chichester, United Kingdom


09 November, 2018

Savvy Conversations® Masterclass - November 2018

Imagine how brilliant it would be to know that you could talk to anyone about anything, no matter how tricky the topic, and still maintain positive relationships with everyone around you...

That's right, at a Savvy Conversations® Masterclass you will learn to do just that!

The Masterclass is suitable for:

Senior Managers Middle Managers Team Leaders Supervisors Heads of Department Small Business Owners or Directors HR professionals

And anyone who wishes to refresh their workplace communication skills and learn new tools and techniques.

Learn how to get better results and maintain more harmonious relationships through the power of Savvy Conversations®

Do you ever find yourself needing to have difficult conversations with people?

Have some conversations left you feeling frustrated, stuck, upset or angry even?

How often have you avoided talking to someone about something important?

Book now to find out how our STREET*CREDS® Model can help you get better results at work and at home, simply by having different conversations with people.

You will spend the whole day with Sarah Harvey, creator of Savvy Conversations®, learning through discussion, debate, and reflecting on the actual situations you need to deal with in your role.

You will learn the Savvy Conversations® concept, underpinning theory and practical tools and techniques. By the end of the Masterclass you will have identified the conversations you are avoiding, or not having well, that are stopping you from being the best you can be! And more importantly, you will have learnt a simple but highly effective tool to guide all future conversations to success!

Yes, your ticket price includes refreshments and lunch. All you need to do is sign up and show up!

Book now to ensure an enjoyable and interactive day that guarantees to improve the savviness of your conversations immediately!

I look forward to seeing you there!

Sarah Harvey


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