Skydiving in Aligarh

Skydiving in Aligarh

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Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, Indien, Aligarh, India


18 September, 2017

Skydiving in Aligarh

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1. FEBUARY 1, 2017 - APRIL 31, 2017

2. AUGUST 1, 2017 – DECEMBER 31, 2017


· Morning slot for the early birds-Reporting time at 9 am at our base at the Aligarh airstrip. The jump will take place between 10 am and 12 pm.

· Evening slot for the sunset lovers- Reporting time at 12 pm at our base in Aligarh. The jump will take place between 1 pm and 5 pm.

Maximum Capacity and number of places left- 5 jumps per day.

Location - Aligarh Airstrip, Kanpur-Aligarh expressway, U.P -202001

Starting Point - Aligarh Airstrip


On the day of your jump, report to our dropzone at the time allotted to the jumper.

· A basic medical fitness certificate is mandatory for all jumpers. You will not be allowed to jump without one! This certificate can be taken from any general physician.

· After reporting to the drop zone, you will be going through a registration process and an hour-long ground safety training from our highly qualified tandem instructors.

· Then, its game, set, match! You board your journey to the sky.

· Get on your ride into the sky, a Cessna modified for Skydiving operations. The Cesna takes 30-40 minutes to climb to the jump altitude of 10,000 feet.

· The free-fall lasts 20-30 seconds, then the parachute opens and in another 4-8 minutes you’re back on the ground.


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