SUP/Windsurfing on Han River

SUP/Windsurfing on Han River

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뚝섬유원지역, 한강 뚝섬유원지, Seoul, South Korea


06 August, 2017

SUP/Windsurfing on Han River

The Summer heat is alive and well and we have planned an extraordinary package held on the beautiful Han River! Stay cool this summer while enjoying some fun water sports right in the heart of Seoul! Stand-up paddle boarding and windsurfing are sports made for everyone to enjoy! Bring your friends, bring your family the more people the better!

Get a great view of Seoul on the Han River, one of the biggest rivers in all of Korea, while enjoying some fun water sports! The Han River runs right through the capital of Korea, overlooking its tallest building. Lined with pedestrian walkways, bicycle paths, restaurants, and parks this river is a peaceful oasis in the middle of the city that you won’t find anywhere else. With the cleanest water of all the rivers in the country, the Han and its surrounding area have played a major role in Korean History. Voted the second best scenic view in the city, The Han River is an essential location to complete your stay in Korea! Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is a simple sport that involves standing on a large surf board, propelling yourself with a single-ended paddle. This sport can be intense exercise that utilizes the body and mind or a calm and relaxing way to take in the beauty of the city. SUP is the perfect sport that will keep you cool in the summer. Also, be sure to tell your friends, the more the merrier! Windsurfing is the perfect combination of surfing and sailing. This sport propels using wind and is more closely aligned with sailing rather than surfing. This is an olympic sport that has been around since the 60’s. From course racing to freestyling this sport is sure to be a great deal of fun! -Enjoy the Han River for up to 4 hours! -Play games with friends! -Enjoy Water sports with one of the best views in the city! -English speaking staff! What to bring: towel and toiletries for shower Swimsuit *Bring wetsuit or rental is possible during colder months for 5,000won

*Itinerary: 1:00 PM Meet at Ttsukeom Park subway station(뚝섬유원지역)-subway line 7. Walk through exit 2. 1:05 PM Depart from station. Walk together from station to sports site 1:15 PM Arrive at sports site, change into swimsuit/wetsuit 1:25 PM tutorial of each activity (additional cost) 2:00 PM watersports on the river

*Price: SUP: Stand Up Paddle boarding Lesson 2hr 50,000won(lesson+rental) Rental 2hr 30,000won 4hr 50,000won Windsurfing: Lesson 3hr 80,000won(lesson + rental) Rental 3hr 40,000won -Includes: All gears needed for Paddle boarding(Board + Paddle +leash +lifejacket) **Must have a minimum of 5 people *We also organize this event only for your group at any date if you have more than 5 people. To book a date, send an email to

*How to signup After you have paid for your event through your Adventure Korea account, PLEASE make sure you send an email to and provide all the information below: 1.Trip name and date 2.Your full name including middle name. 3.Contact number 4.How much was deposited 5.What bank you sent it from 6.Time and date you sent it 7.Which activity you want to do(SUP or Windsurfing)

How to Pay for Trips 1.You can use ATM machines to wire payments directly from your bank account to Adventure Korea’s account, Shinhan Bank account no: 140-011-581081 under the name of (주)더에이케이트래블 2.Otherwise, you can visit any bank in Korea and have a teller wire the funds on your behalf. 3.You can pay via paypal to

ADVENTURE KOREA DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY By signing up and participating in any of the trips offered by Adventure Korea, the PARTICIPANT acknowledges and agrees that the activities offered by Adventure Korea are in general adventure sports/activities in nature, and therefore are generally risky activities which may involve potential and unforeseeable risks of harm, which could include death or serious personal injury. The PARTICIPANT voluntarily and expressly assumes these risks and is fully responsible for his/her participation and actions in the activities at issue, and agrees that Adventure Korea or any of its officers, employees, guides, and representatives shall not be responsible for or be obligated to provide any financial assistance or any other assistance whatsoever in the event of injury, illness, death or property damage relating to or arising out of the Activities at issue.

Please send an email to if you have any questions.

See you there!

Adventure Korea Team


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