Surfing, Diving, Beach, or Seoraksan Hike Weekend

Surfing, Diving, Beach, or Seoraksan Hike Weekend

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pin Depart Seoul Nat. Univ. of Education (교대역) Station Exit #14, walk 1 min to WinK bus


28 Juli, 2017
30 Juli, 2017

Surfing, Diving, Beach, or Seoraksan Hike Weekend

ALL UPCOMING TRIPS AT: In Korea, East Coast has big fine sand white beaches and real waves and water so clear. It's really the best beach in Korea. Surfing anyone?!!^^ And diving is also available and it’s also where Seoraksan is with mountain hiking at its best in Korea. And great time of year for beach camping. For this trip the only difficult thing is to choose which activity!

Whether you choose to hike or to go surfing or diving we will all get together in the evening and go to our favorite food restaurants and then party the night away right on the awesome beach. And we never have enough beach time. So we will continue to relax and enjoy the beach the next morning. Stay up or wake up early for the spectacular sunrise right from the beach! It’s the ideal weekend experience. ^^

And this time we use the new straight shot Tollway which just opened up and will cut travel time. Yay!

SURFING OPTION This is the best deal we have found. For 50,000 you get surfboard and wetsuit and a bit of instruction. The waves arent huge but it might actually be better for first time beginners to try it out. Couple of convenient stores nearby to get drinks that will quench your thirst!

DIVING OPTION If you have open water license its 70,000 for a tank and gear for a fun dive. If you dont have license its 100,000 for Intro Dive which about 2-3 hours depending on how many in the group. And they even have an instructor that can give instrutions in English.

BEACHTIME OPTION If you just want to relax on the beach the whole time then that is also an option for you. Or go with the Diving Group or the Surfing Group which is at a different beach about 30 minutes away by our bus.

SEORAKSAN HIKE OPTION Hiking in the Summer is great because the air up at top is crisp and cool. Also we start at 3AM when air is coolest and avoid the sunlight during the hike uphill. Then in the afternoon on the way down there is numerous waterfalls and pools of water to enjoy. Everyone starts the hike at 3AM and hikes to the main peak (Daecheongbong Peak) to see the sunrise views. Then hike down has 2 routes you can choose. 1. Chunbuldong Valley Route has many waterfalls and pools of water to relax by and breath taking views of boulders and trees. The total hike time is 9 to 10 hours. 2. Dinosaur Ridge Route adds about 3 hours to the hike. So the total hike time is 11 to 13 hours depending on your hiking speed and rest times.

DAECHUNGBONG PEAK Seoraksan (설악산) is the 3rd highest mountain in Korea with Daecheongbong (대청봉) peak at 1708 meters (5603 feet). The hike up to this peak is 3 to 5 hours depending on what kind of shape you're in. It is one of the toughest in Korea and should not be taken lightly. But the views from the top is breathtaking.

DINOSAUR RIDGE PEAKS TRAIL This adds 2 to 4 hours to the total hike. This is only for someone who is in super good shape. A few who took this trail on had cramps which caused them to take many hours longer to hike down in darkness. But the best photos of Seoraksan are from this trail. It is really only for the few to see.

CHEONBULDONG VALLEY The view is the most beautiful with all of the numerous cascades of waterfalls that flow down most of the valley walk. The grand scenery of rocks and cliffs seem like they are touching the heavens, and this part of Seorak has inspired many poets and scholars through the centuries.

BEACH CAMPING We plan to camp on the beach. Get off the bus and you are practically right on the beach. No need to walk carry all the gear. So convenient. Bring your own tent or borrow one of ours. We will set up WinK HQ Central nearby. Great foods and lots of drinks and great music banging away all day all night. Its the perfect beach experience.

DINNER OPTIONS There are numerous restaurants by the beach. 1. Grilled Fish 2. Raw Fish and Spicy Stew (회) 3. Pizza and Chicken 4. Korean Pork BBQ 5. Beer Pub

TENT We can order Tent for you delivered to your address for a 5,000 won processing charge. Let us know if you would like us to do that. This link is for one of the lowest priced tents available. Or we have a few you can rent out.

DOGS Dogs are ok if they wont bother other people. No constant barking will be allowed and no peeing or pooping in inappropriate places. Also certain establishments like restaurants do not allow dogs. The bus driver will ask that the dog be inside carrier for the ride.

Sunrise: 5:25 AM Sunset: 7:36 PM


7/28 (FRI) 10:00PM Suwon Pickup Possible (Check with Us) 11:30PM Depart Seoul Nat. Univ. of Education Station (교대역) Exit #14 (walk 1 min to WinK bus)

7/29 (SAT) 2:00AM Arrive Beach and Pitch Tents, Set Up WinK HQ 2:30AM Drop Off Hikers (Make Sandwiches on Bus) 8:30AM Breakfast Muffins, Make Sandwiches 9:45AM Depart for Surfing and Diving 10:15AM Surfing Beach 10:40AM Diving Beach 3:30PM Depart for WinK HQ Beach 4:00PM Arrive WinK HQ Beach 4:30PM Depart Seoraksan (Hike Group) for WinK HQ Dinner Options on the Beach Beach Party All Night!

7/30 (SUN) 8:30AM Breakfast More Beach Time! NOON Meet for Lunch (bus is available) 2:30PM Depart to go Home (New Straight Shot Tollway is Open!) 6:00PM Arrive Seoul


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