TafariaCastle Family/Friends Buffet Lunch Safari3

TafariaCastle Family/Friends Buffet Lunch Safari3

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TafariaCastle Family/Friends Buffet Lunch Safari3

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Tafaria Castle & Country Lodge, B5, 80109, Nyeri, Kenya


05 August, 2017

TafariaCastle Family/Friends Buffet Lunch Safari3

#Tutembee_Kenya_Chronicles 🇰🇪🇰🇪 Tafaria Castle is a unique country lodge built in 2012 AD in #theRomanEmpire theme and located at #Deighton_Downs at the foothills of Aberdares and overlooking #Laikipia_Plains and the mighty #Mount_Kenya offering sheer beautiful views of the surrounding landscapes.3 hours drive from Nairobi it's an ideal destination to adventure,relax and unwind on any given weekend with family and friends.The castle boasts of a host of #medieval_architectural_structures and activities that will leave you delighted.... ie the castle tour,horseback riding,horse chariot rides and a host of other exciting activities. We take you back there for our 3rd experience which promises to delight more and blow your mind.....fit for #Folks_kids_friends_foes_alike

#ATTRACTIONS: ~the Roman themed castle ~knight-like buffet meal ~archery ~swimming ~horse riding ~amphitheater ~nature trails ~kids kingdom ~photography ~etc...

#CHARGES_FOR_THE_TRIP: *Kshs_3600 for citizens *kshs. 4500 for non-citizens *kshs.3000 for kids(below 11yrs)

#CHARGES_INCLUDE: > Transport from Nairobi and back > Sumptuous #knight_like buffet lunch > Majestic guided tour of the Tafaria Castle. > Nature walks > Fun games/networking > Enroute bottle of water

#CHARGES_EXCLUDE: +swimming(500/=) +horseriding(from 250/=) +horse chariot ride(from 500/=) +archery(from 500/=) +drinks +insurance +anything not stipulated above....

#DRESS_CODE_PARTICULARS: > Casual wear{and take into consideration any activity you might take at the castle} > Extra lightweight warm all weather jacket{for mornings/evenings} > Swimming trunks and costumes > Delightful adventure bliss

#PAYMENTS_BOOKINGS: To book for this delightful buffet safari you need to pay #kshs_2000 deposit or full amount to #mpesa_tillno_566391 to reserve your spot and facilitate for logistics by or before #Thursday_3rd_August.

#FOR_ENQUIRIES: To make enquiries feel free to drop us a Mail/Sms/WhatsApp/Call/Ig through the following channels:

#WhatsApp_Sms_Call: 0720312410/0777312410 #EMail: oleykan69@gmail.com #Instagram: @manyanidelighttravels #Facebook: Manyani Delight Travels



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