The FunnyFellas: English Comedy Live In Ingolstadt

The FunnyFellas: English Comedy Live In Ingolstadt

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The FunnyFellas: English Comedy Live In Ingolstadt

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KAP94 Westliche Ringstraße 90 Ingolstadt Germany


27 Oktober, 2017

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Captain Khalid

The FunnyFellas: English Comedy Live In Ingolstadt

Having performed almost all over the world @David Hailey (US) @Captain Khalid (Tanzania) and @Rachman Blake come together to bring you one of the most great night of laughter Some call them The Lords of The Ribs, some call them "The LOL Models" but they are the "FunnyFellas" With their storytelling,witty jokes, un expected punchlines and of-course political incorrectness, well this is a night not to miss. It's always fun💯

Doors Open: 19:30hrs Show starts: 20:00hrs Entrance : 12€ Earlybird


@David Hailey (US)

Also called Afro man, he is an American comedian based in Berlin, already a regular in the circuit, his observational way of telling jokes has made him one of the brilliants and ofcoz Berlin's favorite. Having performed in different countries including the U.K., US and having hosted the prestigious Berlin Music Awards, David is always simply brilliant

@Captain Khalid

A Tanzanian, Germany based comedian who is fresh off his Shows in Africa, Vienna and Slovakia comedy Tour and considered one of the best comedian in the Germany English Comedy scene.His charm, and natural way of making jokes leaves the audience in stitches. Already a Berlin's, Malaysia's, Hongkong's and East Africa's favorite, you wouldn't wanna miss his act. "Simply Funny" - darkpebble magazine "Effortlessly Funny" - TimeOut Kuala Lumpur magazine

@Rachman Blake

Rachman Blake (USA) is a comedian, writer, storyteller, filmmaker and world traveler who will make you laugh at things you never thought you would. A lover of languages, he's performed in French, Spanish, German, Norwegian, and bad English. He’s played in over twenty countries, seventy cities, and at comedy festivals all over the globe including Edinburgh Fringe, Adelaide Fringe, San Francisco, Austin, San Diego, and New York Comedy festivals.

His raw, honest, and courageous comedy and storytelling skills have earned him accolades such as the All Ivy League’s Best Alternative Performer, The Moth Story Slam Winner, and San Francisco’s coveted Best of Bay award.

Fresh off a triumphant Australia tour, Rachman has performed to full houses and sold-out audiences. You wouldn't wanna miss this guy

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