The Twelve Bars of Christmas ~ Holiday Themed Bar Crawl (2018)

The Twelve Bars of Christmas ~ Holiday Themed Bar Crawl (2018)

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McDonough's Restaurant & Lounge, 21 East McDonough Street, 31401, Savannah, United States


15 Dezember, 2018

The Twelve Bars of Christmas ~ Holiday Themed Bar Crawl (2018)

Are you ready to survive "Savannah's Winter Wonderland"? Crawlers will have to brave the ice-cold winter weather and journey through Savannah's winter wonderland, otherwise known as the beautiful, historic, Savannah, Georgia. Here in Savannah, things are always bigger and better!! 12 bars later, you'll be sufficiently full of holiday cheer. Along with presents from Santa, each bar will provide festive drink only specials for "The Twelve Bars of Christmas" participants.

You can run, walk, or crawl your way to the finish line (on the sidewalk please). “Santa’s List”, aka the map and scorecard, will lead you on a jolly journey to each destination. By the end of “The Twelve Bar of Christmas” you will have participated in a 5 kilometer, or 3.1-mile adventure, enjoying delightful drink specials along the way. We will not all travel as one large group, instead, come with your friends and spread cheer together. Registration and the start time is anytime between 4-9pm at McDonough's.

Let’s start with the basics… HOW DOES A BAR CRAWL WORK? Participants crawl at their own pace instead of all together in one huge group. Once crawlers pickup their scorecards at the starting bar, then they travel to all the bars listed enjoying drink specials and getting their scorecard marked at each bar. After visiting all the bars on the list, crawlers join us at the ending location for the After Party and to get the t-shirt!!

THE GOAL? Complete your scorecard by visiting each participating bars and be one of the first 250 crawlers to receive a t-shirt. As you enter the venue, the doorman or bartender will “mark” their respective bar’s section of your scorecard. You do not have to purchase a drink to have your scorecard marked.

FREE STUFF? We get presents from Santa? On top of drink specials, all participants will receive a santa hat, a koozie, swag from our sponsors (while supplies last), a scorecard/map to mark your progress, and free entry into all participating bars. Also, the first 250 participants to complete their scorecard will receive an official Bar Crawl Savannah “The Twelve Bars of Christmas” t-shirt!

AFTER PARTY After you have had your scorecard marked at all the bars, join us at Savannah Smiles for the After Party!! This is where you pickup your free and reserved t-shirts.

FREE T-SHIRTS We will be giving away FREE t-shirts to the first 250 people to join us at the After Party with complete scorecard. **Many of you want t-shirts, so for an extra $10 you may guarantee yourself a t-shirt, in your size, to be waiting for you at the After Party! You will find this option on the registration form. NOTE: You will only receive one t-shirt. This feature is to guarantee yourself a t-shirt when we run out and guarantee it will be in your size. Otherwise, you are more than welcome to try to be one of the first 250 and get a free t-shirt, size not guaranteed.

Drink Specials (TBA) **Drinking is 100% optional! Although this is a "bar crawl", that doesn't mean you are required to drink to participate. You do not have to purchase drinks at any bar in order to participate, get your scorecard stamped and earn your "The Twelve Bars of Christmas" t-shirt. We love and welcome Designated Drivers to join us. If you do choose to drink, please drink responsibly.

WHEN: Saturday, December 15, 2018

TIME: START: Packet pickup and day-of event registration at "The South Pole" aka McDonough's Lounge from 4-9pm. END: After Party and t-shirts at "The North Pole" aka Savannah Smiles, anytime between 6pm-11pm.

PRICE: $5 until October 14th, 2018 $10 until November 14th, 2018 $15 until December 14th, 2018 $20 on the day of, Decemeber 15th, the event at McDonough's

WEAR: Tis’ the season for Tacky Sweaters, Mr. and Mrs. Claus, Elves, Reindeer, Snowmen, Angles, Gingerbread men/women, Christmas Trees, Lights, Drummer Boys, Snowflakes... let’s get creative!

Santa's Rules:

1. Be Jolly.

2. Holiday apparel is mandatory. Be creative. A Santa hat is okay, but more is better like theme Santas: Elvis Santa, Sailor Santa, Rasta Santa, Santa's naughty little helper, misfit toy, elf, grinch, angel, Jesus, snowman, nutcracker, reindeer.

3. Twisting the holiday paradigm until it screams for mercy is fun! Getting arrested is not. Santa Claus is friendly, respectful, and cooperative with cops, security guards, park rangers, secret service agents, bouncers, and store owners and doesn't break any laws!!! Our santas do not destroy property, steal merchandise, or do harm to others. The authorities and local businesses usually take Santa's antics in the loving holiday spirit Santa intends, so be nice to them. Seriously - don’t argue. If they don’t want Santa there, Santa should move along.

4. Bring gifts -- NAUGHTY gifts to give grown ups; NICE stuff to give kids.

5. Watching Santa loosen up and have a few drinks is fun. Babysitting drunken Santa is not. Don't be that Santa!

6. Pay your own bar tab. Better yet, carry cash and pay for everything right away -- that way all the Santas aren't trying to close out a tab at the same time when we leave. Tip the bartenders generously for putting up with us.

7. Memorize these answers to important questions that may arise: Questions: Who's in charge? "Santa" What organization are you with? "Santa" How did you get here? "A sleigh and eight tiny reindeer" Where are you going next? "I'm only allowed to tell you if you wear this hat and buy me a beer." Any other question: "HO!" (best coupled with a slight pause and a stupid look on your face).

8. Santa does NOT drink and drive!

BRING: Your 21+ ID and cash or credit card.

PARTICIPATING BARS: 1: McDonough's (A Partridge in a Pear Tree) 2: Hitch (Two Turtle Doves) 3: Pour Larry's (Three French Hens) 4: Gatsby's (Four Calling Birds) 5: Rogue Water (Five Golden Rings) 6: Boomy's (Six Geese A Laying) 7: The Rail Pub (Seven Swans a Swimming) 8: Barrelhouse South (Eight Maids A Milking) 9: Bay Street Blue's (Nine Ladies Dancing) 10: Lizzy's Tequilla Bar (Ten Lords A Leaping) 11: Stafford's Public House (Eleven Pipers Piping) 12: Savannah Smiles (Twelve Drummers Drumming)

THANK YOU to our Sponsors Southern Eagle: Alpha Media: G100, Bob 106.9 and Rock 106.1 United Indoor Advertising Stafford Promotions

We always hope for beautiful weather and we crawl rain or shine. No rain checks or refunds will be issued.

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