The Ultimate Whitewater Rafting ATV Paintball Zipline BunjeeJump

The Ultimate Whitewater Rafting ATV Paintball Zipline BunjeeJump

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Inje, Gangwon-do, South Korea, Inje, South Korea


05 August, 2017

The Ultimate Whitewater Rafting ATV Paintball Zipline BunjeeJump

TAG: The best Whitewater Rafting Naerincheon valley, Inje Optional: Paintball, Adrenaline Exploding Mountain ATV, Crossing River Zip lining(4 tracks), Bungee-jumping (63 meters! )

Hi All~! Do you feel the heat in the middle of day? It’s officially summer again~! Let’s head to "Inje"in Gangwondo together.There is a wonderfully clear and cool river from Seoraksan Mountain area! Rafting is the best way to enjoy the stunning beautiful valley and cool off the heat!

The ride will be for 6-7 kilometers and will last approx. 1-2 hours (depending on how fast the water is flowing).

A raft boat can hold 10 people. This will be a great way to meet new people and make new friends. If this is your first time, don’t worry. You will be given a helmet, a life jacket and be guided by a professional instructor.

Some activities are optional, ATV-ing, bungee jumping, paint-balling an open field.

[ Paintball] ₩15,000 discounted (₩25,000 normal price) We will split into 2 teams and play 3 games together in the forest.

[ ATV] ₩15,000 discounted (₩25,000 normal price) This venue is considered as the best place to enjoy ATV, its' a adventurous steep hill. For your own safety please follow instructions carefully.

[ Zip line] ₩20,000 discounted (₩35,000 normal price) This zip line consists of 4 diverse lines over the park and across the river. These courses are considered to be more diverse than other places. Suitable for everyone!

[ Rafting] ₩20,000 discounted (₩35,000 normal price) - Leave all your belongings on the bus (except a waterproof (pouch) camera) - Don’t wear any shoes or some shoes can be wet.Sandals with back-strap - Register & Build teams of 10 for rafting. - Listen to safety instructions, how to peddle,front,back,rolling - Enjoy rafting~! - shower after rafting, a plastic bag will be given to put wet clothes. - The end time varies depending on the flow of the water.

[ Bunjee jump] ₩38,000 discounted (₩45,000 normal price)

This is the highest bungee jump over the river in Korea. It’s 63 meters! (Chungju Lake- is 62M & Han River is only 52M) . There will be a professional instructor there to help you. The best advice though is “DON’T LOOK DOWN”.

[ Itinerary] Please copy this itinerary! * If it rains on that day, the rafting will be better because there will be more water in the river and you won't get sun burned~! *The itinerary is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. * Wear clothes for activities at home when you come to take bus

BUS STOP(choose one) :

7AM Hapjeong,out exit8,walk 100 meter to TAXI stop 715AM Sinyongsan,(신용산­역),exit2 725AM Express bus terminal,(고속터­미널역),line3&­7,9 crossing,out of exit8 745AM: Jamsil station 잠실역, line2,out of exit4, walk 200 meter to TAXI stop

[DETAILS PICTURES OF PICKUP] [10AM] REST STOP: 20 minute break . [11AM] Arrive at Inje, riverside park. We will split groups into 2 activities.

ATV and Paintball: duration 1 Hour [Paintball , ATV] Located on the hill. (5 minutes by bus from rafting place) In order to fully enjoy an activity, it’s recommend to only do ONE activity . Some activities are being run at the same time.

[12PM] Head to Park by bus, Cafeteria or play in water(under the bridge) or Zipline ,Duration 1.5 Hour [Zip line] People that are signed up for zip-lining, get off at Riverside Park. *At 2PM we will meet back here to go rafting together. * *For those that didn’t sign up for an activity, please feel free to hike along the river and explore Inje on your own.

[2PM-4PM] Rafting time! Depending on raft on river, the duration time can be different 1.5~2.5Hour

[4PM] Finish rafting! -Get a coupon for the shower - Take a shower and change clothes. -Drop by the bunjee-jumping & rest-stop (approx. 10 minutes by bus)

[430PM] Bungee jump - Rest-stop: grab beer(s) and watch fellow Seoul Hikers bunjee-jump on the riverside ~!

[6PM] Departure for Seoul: -Dongseoul Express Bus terminal at Gangbyeon stn/line2 which is the closest subway from Inje. Will be faster to move by subway to anywhere in Seoul. - Gangbyeon, Sinyongsan station and Hapjeong station - Arrival will be around 8pm depending on traffic.

------------------------- ♣ HOW TO JOIN -------------------------

- This trip will be fantastic If you would like to join us, please hurry to confirm~! FIRST WIRED, FIRST CONFIRMED~! Spread the word and bring your friends~!

<<< To Book >>> (1) Wire in advance ₩32,000 (Kookmin Bank, 762301-04-223562, 김승일(Seoul Hiking)

Basic fee ₩32,000: chartered bus, snacks (gimbap or bananas or PB&J or sandwich making.), trip leader

- Please, wire the money in advance, because it will help me to organize a more effective event.

(2) We have an EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT and a regular DISCOUNT option~! Please don't miss it~! It's a little bit too good to be true~! [Early Bird Discount] Choose yours today~!

A. (minus ₩5,000): now - Friday ,21st,July B. (minus ₩3,000): -28th,July It's hard to book efficiently because everything sells out fast~! Please, WIRE ME YOUR MONEY IN ADVANCE~! Thanks~!

[Bus Discount] For those who have been on a BUS with SHG~! A bus fee discount. Whoever came AT LEAST: 1 - 2 times = (₩1,000) 3 - 4 times = (₩2,000) 5+ times = (₩3,000)

[Group Discount] -3K won per person when you have 5 more people and email to

* PAYPAL 32USD to (including fee and exchange fee)

(3) [Confirmation] After you've wired the money, we need your information, so SIMPLY copy & modify the following,email to

------copy & modify start-->

1. TITLE: Aug,5th,Ultimate Inje Whitewater Rafting,ATV,Paintball,Zipline, Bunjee Trip 2. FULL NAME (who wired money): - attendee name in case when you wire money for someone 3. ACTIVITIES choose whatever applies & delete the rest : BRING CASH & PAY ON THE DAY A.RAFTING ( ₩20,000) : YES or NO B.PAINTBALL or ATV(-₩15,000) : choose one or nothing C.Zipline : +₩25,000 (₩35,000 discounted) : YES or NO D.BUNJEE JUMP : +₩35,000 (₩42,000 discounted) : YES or NO 5. exact TIME&DATE & how much ₩ you wired : 6. choose ONE PLACE to be picked up: Hapjeong,Sinyongsan Station, Express Bus Terminal Station, Jamsil Station) ------copy & modify finish-->

[ FAQ on the group trip-The most commonly asked questions]

: bathroom break - Hwajangsil(화장실) is bathroom in korean,all the restaurants and public shops

available : trash bin - keep trash in plastic bag till find it at public place : Bus departure time - announce when it changes on the bus

[♣ Refund Policy] CLICK below TO REQUEST REFUND ->

- We need to arrange a trip as group and need to arrange bus,accomodation,events, itinerary in advance. so ,it is very complicated work and need to do more work for the refund.and necessarily when you change RSVP in 48 hour departure for the trip, there will be difficult situation for us and all (members, pension,bus,etc).

1). you can get back after the event finish. 2). cancellation fee : 5,000won - how to save the cancellation fee 510,000won, You can also save the money for the credit of future trip,no fee You can give the credit to friends, no fee

3). DATE EXCEPTION please, make it sure! * 48 hours ~24Hours before departure : you can get 50% refund * 24 hours before departure : you can use 10,000won as a credit for the future trip.




Outdoor Nature is good for us! So many mental and physical benefits! Trips are open to everyone. New-comers are more than welcome! Love nature~! Let’s explore and experience all that South Korea has to offer! Embrace Culture and meet same-minded People! People come together and make life long memories with the SEOUL HIKING GROUP~! Have a nice day~!



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