Wildalpen River Challenge

Wildalpen River Challenge

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Wildalpen River Challenge

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Camping-Wildalpen Wildalpen 91 Wildalpen Austria


02 September, 2017

Info und Kontakt

Wildalpen River Challenge

SUP & KAJAK & FUNBEWERBE für Pro`s & Sup-Einsteiger

To see all the details and to sign in go to: www.wildalpen-river-challenge.com

River Challenge for the title: RIVERMAN and RIVERGIRL 2017

1.Price men: Inflatable SUP Board 9'7` from Tambo 1.Price girls: Custom made Drysuit from Supskin

Price-money or nice "goods-prices" for the top3 of every race.

....and a big Party-Night !

Our sponsors: Tambo / Supskin / Fanatic / sup24-7.com

The events: SUP "BIG BOARD TEAM RACE" a new fun-event in the whitewater! the challenge is: are the 4 riders still standing on their board at the end? you can also call it "Big-board-blow-out "

SUP FOR YOU "FUNRACE" this "race" is also for beginners! 6-riders per heat.

For the overalltitles "RIVERMAN 2017" and "RIVERGIRL 2017" you get points in these 4 events:

KAJAK "BOATER CROSS" with a big spectacular starting-ramp ! mass start ! 4-riders per heat.

SUP "BOARDER CROSS" Pure Action! Men against men! & Girls against girls! mass start ! 6-riders per heat. boards allowed up to 11'5''

SUP "SLALOM" with "lightbarrier - timekeeping " boards allowed up to 11'5'' one run against the time. ~10 slalomgates.

KAJAK "BUDDY RACE" it`s a funrace. your river-buddy will be drawn. the details you get at the riders-meeting.

...Most important at the "WRC" event: The fun - factor ! Meet your friends, have lot´s of fun on the water, and of course - compete like crazy! We all love to be on the river, Kajak paddler and Standup paddler - at the "WRC" we come together to have a good time, to party and to find out - WHO IS THE BEST ?


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